1. Locate a field trainer by using the “Locate a Field Trainer” link on the main page.
  2. Contact the field trainer and request his/her permission to accompany him/her on their inspection.
  3. Verify the fees involved and when payment is to be expected.
    1. Payment is usually expected prior to attending your field inspection.
    2. Each field trainer will have a different fee. They should not be charging you anything else than what is listed on the web site unless you both agree.
    3. If the fee is different from what is stated in the “Field Trainer” search results, politely inform the field trainer and contact us at 877-316-0600.
  4. Discuss any expectations that the field trainer will have of you.
    1. Are you allowed to talk to clients?
    2. Are you allowed to comment aloud about defects noted in the property?
    3. Are you allowed to touch or dismantle any components of the property?
    4. Will you be responsible for any damage you cause to the property?
    5. Are you allowed to market to anyone at the inspection?
    6. When will you will have private time to discuss the issues noted in the property.
    7. How you should be dressed.
    8. You are expected to be clean and odorless (this includes cigarette odors).
  5. Arrive at the pre-arranged location and time for the inspection.
  6. You will then listen to the Field Trainer’s communication with his/her client during their opening interview.
  7. You will be creating your own parallel inspection report.
  8. At the end of the inspection;
    1. Compare notes with the trainer.
    2. After completion of field training, complete the field training verification form.
  9. 5 field events are required.(5 inspections interior and exterior of actual homes with your field trainer)
  10. Field trainer is required to be an Illinois licensed home inspector for at least 5 years and must be approved by us prior to you using them as a field trainer.
  11. Both you and your field trainer must sign the Field Training Verification Form.
  12. The completed Field Training Verification Form must be faxed to 630-839-0013 or emailed to bellmangroupforms@gmail.com
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