Course Description
There is no single correct way to write a home inspection report, yet every home inspector will define their brand by the type and style of inspection report they write. This class is designed to improve report writing by helping inspectors find and hone a voice and style that suits their business. We will begin by reviewing several basic writing techniques and then examine actual inspection reports and observation language. We will review commonly misused home inspector words, look at how we use qualifiers and examine how to write testing procedure notes and representative observations to lower our liability. 

Timed Outline

  1. 05 Min - What is great writing? 
  2. 15 Min - Active Voice VS Passive Voice.
  3. 10 Min - Removing the Clutter.
  4. 15 Min - Choose Your Words Carefully.
  5. 15 Min - Reporting philosophy.
  6. 10 Min - Report Writing Style.
  7. 15 Min - Defining Your Process.
  8. 05 Min - Writing Overview Statements.
  9. 05 Min - Using Qualifiers.
  10. 10 Min - Writing Representative Observations
  11. 15 Min - When and How to Recommend: Additional Inspection, Further Evaluation and Repairs

Learning Objectives
  1. Identify and develop a unique writing voice and style that aligns with the individual brand and professional approach of each home inspector, enhancing the distinctiveness and effectiveness of their inspection reports.
  2. Understand and apply fundamental writing techniques to create clear, concise, and accurate home inspection reports, focusing on structure, grammar, and readability to improve communication with clients.
  3. Analyze and critique real-life home inspection reports to learn from practical examples, identifying strengths and weaknesses in observation language and report organization to improve one's reporting skills.
  4. Recognize and correct commonly misused terms and phrases in home inspection reporting, improving the accuracy and professionalism of the language used in reports to build credibility and trust with clients.
  5. Learn how to effectively incorporate qualifiers and testing procedure notes in inspection reports, aiming to minimize liability while providing thorough and reliable documentation of the home inspection process.
Bio of the Instructor - Dylan Chalk Bio/Resume

Dylan Chalk is the owner of Orca Inspection Services LLC -, the co-founder of ScribeWare LLC, and the owner of HouseTalk clock hour school #S1792. He is also the author of The Confident House Hunter - Cedar Fort Press 2016: Dylan is a Washington State Licensed home inspector #365 and a Structural Pest Inspector #65540, and a licensed real estate clock-hour #I4978. Chalk is educationally certified by Inspection Training Associate (ITA), a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (AHSI), and has performed more than 6000 structural home inspections since 2003. He has been certified as an Energy Star Tuned-Up Verifier and a certified Tune-Up energy audit inspector. He served as the President of the Washington Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) from 2018-2020. He was an adjunct professor at Bellingham Technical College teaching home inspection. He has earned a BA from The Colorado College.