This 2.0-hour session will provide participants with an introduction to residential crawl space inspection including materials found and common defects. Topics will include vapor retarders, ventilation, risers, foundation, floor structure, insulation, HVAC/plumbing/electrical, water/moisture intrusion and tools for inspections, and common defects. This class is applicable to anyone desiring to learn about inspection of residential crawlspaces and best practices regarding these systems.

Timed Outline
  1. Introduction 3 min

  2. What is considered a crawlspace and what are the minimum inspection requirements 5 Min

  3. Things to note before entering crawlspace 12 min

  4. Equipment/Tools 2 min

  5. Observations from within the crawlspace 4 min

  6. Vapor Retarders 8 min

  7. Ventilation 11 min

  8. Foundation 8 min

  9. Floor Structure 30 min

  10. Insulation 7 min

  11. HVAC 12 Min

  12. Plumbing 6 Min

  13. Electrical 4 Min

  14. Water/Moisture Intrusion 8 min

Learning Objectives
  1. Understanding what a crawlspace is

  2. Understanding things that should be observed prior to entering a crawlspace to help locate potential issues

  3. Understanding useful and recommended tools for crawlspace inspections

  4. Understanding what vapor retarders are and where they are required

  5. Understanding how much ventilation is required and when

  6. Understanding foundation types and common defects found

  7. Understanding common defects found when inspecting the floor structure 

  8. Understanding common defects with insulation within a crawlspace

  9. Understanding HVAC components found in a crawlspace and common defects found

  10. Understanding plumbing found within a crawlspace and common defects found

  11. Understanding electrical splices within a crawlspace

  12. Understanding water/moisture intrusion and its effects on the crawlspace and the components within it

Bio of the Instructor - James Reeves

James is the owner of Diamondback Inspection Service LLC-, James is a SC State Licensed home inspector #49683 and has professional experience in residential construction dating back to 1991. He started his construction career as a plumber and after learning and working in all aspects of construction over his career, he and his father started a construction company that began as a repair/renovation business and ended up specializing in crawlspace repair. He then closed his business in 2005 after getting into manufacturing where he spent 16 years with the last 10 as an engineer prior to leaving to become a home inspector.